Shepherd’s Sharing:  A note from the Pastor.

Have you ever been in a moment of time that you didn’t want to end?  You find yourself hoping there is a way to make “THIS” moment last longer, if not forever.  Those moments can happen when something amazing is taking place in our life and we find ourselves overwhelmed by positive energy and emotion.  In those momentous occasions it is as if all the bad things in our life have gone away and we see only the good, in the moment.

The Lord would desire for each of us to capture moments in time with Him.  He created everything on earth, and it was His desire for us to enjoy life on this planet.  Too often we get lost on this journey in life and it causes problems for us.

I get asked questions frequently on matters of faith by my friends and family.  I recall one specific conversation with a friend who was troubled by something his Pastor had said to him.  Without sharing the details, it was easy for me to see (thanks to the Holy Spirit guiding me) the truth in the matter.  In this one issue, I believe my friend had thought that “his” perspective was right on an issue and that the Pastor was wrong.  Obviously, I couldn’t speak with the Pastor, but suffice it to say, I knew where the Pastor was coming from and felt I could see his side.  What became clear as day was the fact that “this” issue wasn’t really “the” issue.

My friend only saw it his way and when I shared what I believed the Pastor was thinking, it completely opened his eyes to see the matter differently.  You see, I shared a Heavenly perspective to him that I believe the Pastor was looking through.  It wasn’t something he could process because he allowed his emotions to take control when he had sensed rejection from his pastor.  He wasn’t rejecting him, instead, the pastor was extremely concerned about his spiritual well-being and challenged him to grow for his sake.

In life, we need to remember to capture every second and live life to the fullest with HIM!  When you dig into the Word of God and pour yourself out to Him in prayer, you will find yourself having moments that you hope never to end. You will want time to stand still, and you will just want to bask in His Glory and His Presence!

My prayer is for each of you to experience the closeness of God in ways that make you want to never leave those intimate places with Him.  Ezekiel 36:26 And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you.  And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.


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