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March  and  April 7 and 12 —   LENTEN OFFERING  — COMMUNITY FUND

The   community fund is a fund of the church to help  meet emergency needs of people in the community      such as light, gas bills and other emergency needs..   



The mission offering will support Mallory’s and Alex’s mission trips to Guatemala.

Over spring break Mallory will be going on a mission trip to Guatemala through Taylor University and will be working in an orphanage for children with a number of disabilities.  $520




JACOBS LADDER is open from 9:30 – 10:30.   We would like advance notice if we are going to have someone new to the program.  The best way for them to contact us is through Lauran or Julia since they live in Colfax.    Lauran:  765-324-2225

Also, though Jacob’s Ladder the church participates in  a community fund to assist families in crises and in the local Christmas baskets  for members of the  community.  These two projects are a community effort with the community churches.

Jacob’s Ladder  regular needs:                      

                                                  Tuna      Toilet Paper      Cereal     Tomato Juice       Beef Stew   Fruit                                                      



February mission project — JACOBS LADDER

Our local food pantry

Helping families in need.