Our Staff



Our church Leadership

Joseph Wagner, Minister Emeritus  765.650.0231    joe.wagner@inumc.org

Lay Leader Rita Neidlinger
Chpr. Ad council, charge conf.sec Rita Neidlinger
Treasurer Craig Bowen
Lay Member to Annual Conference Harley Seymour
Finance Chairperson Ben Robertson
Financial Secretary Elaine Bowen
Trustee Chairperson Julia Hoffma
Church School Superintendent
Director of Youth Ministries/Camping
Director of Children’s Ministries
Coordinator of Worship Barb Tate
Director of Music Lauran Swain
Director of Church Growth
Director of MissionOutreach Lauran Swain
Director of Christian Unity Verna Lou Ferguson
UMW Representative Marilyn Bowen
UMM Representative Dan Tate
Member and Memorial Gifts Secy. Amy Heidt
Minister Emeritus Joe Wagner
Prayer Coordinator Anne Nash
Prayer Coordinator Joe Wagner
Pastor Parish Chairperson Shannon Cadwell
Discipleship/ outreach Reba Ream
Futuring Committee Elaine Bowen